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Our advantage

Guangdong YiDao Medical Technology Co., Ltd, our main products non medical masks : KN95, FFP2 , Kids FFP2, Cup FFP2 and FFP3. Why choose us?

1: Yidao is the 65 member in China for getting the CE in China, and early in the Chinese government white list member. And thus Yidao has cooperated with plenty of Europe countries' army and government, such as Germany, Spain, Italy, UK, etc, and thus Yidao brand is very famous in the Europe market.
2: Real Europe CE Certificate NB2163 for FFP2, NB1463 for kids FFP2, NB0370 for both FFP3 and Cup FFP2, all include the mould B + Mould C2 report.
3: ISO factory audit certificate with strict quality controlling, we have our own Independent laboratory, all our incoming material need do the test, and we do the spot-check each 2 hours for the mass-production masks, which include the ear loop pulling force, filtration force and respiratory resistance. We use the water electret technology for our melt fabric, which can guarantee 2 years filtration force.

4:  Our factory is authorized to export by China's Ministry of Commerce,

5: Output 3 million per day, delivery time very fast.

6: We have qualified in USA EUA / WHITE LIST, we can export the KN95 to USA and do the customs clearance smoothly.

7: We have export and import license for South America countries, which include Argentina, Brazil, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru.
8: Door to door service is available for us.

The masks market is very disorderly, the reason as below:

1: Plenty of masks suppliers invested huge money to buy a lot of high expensive machine and high price material within April - May, but they haven't got the Europe CE and thus no order, while the material they bought within those time is not ok, especially the melt-blown fabric is not qualified. And thus there are so many stock masks not ok for FFP2 standard for the material and craft. However, they have spent a lot of money and get the CE certificate now, and they need sell out the stock masks with low price.

2: Within the 1391 China white list masks suppliers, more than 1000 suppliers are new and not professional at all, their special test samples buy from the old white list suppliers, but their mass-production masks can't pass the FFP2 test with a big import and selling risk for importers.

Masks are used for peoples health, and it is relative to the human's life, and thus we insist on making qualified FFP2, because our material cost is higher than most of the masks suppliers, and thus our price would be also some higher than them.

Wish our high quality masks and famous Yidao brand, can help us to get a long term good business cooperation with your company.Thank you for your continued attention and support for the growth of our company. Looking forward to have a long term good business cooperation with your company!

How about Yidao quality and price?

1. The market Melt blown fabrics common price around 20,000RMB per Ton now. While our Yidao melt blown fabric use the same supplier with the China domestic first-line mask factories such as Shanghai Dasheng and Shangdong Sanqi. The price is above 120,000RMB per ton. In addition to ensure our EU oil filtration test reached over 99%. All of our non-woven fabrics are 3S, the material is very scientific and reasonable to achieve the lowest breathing resistance; our hot air cotton is 30 grams to reach the medical level of 100% ES; both our non-woven fabric and hot air cotton has reached the medical standard, our ear straps strict for 24 stitches. All of our materials are excellent scientific and reasonable.

2. Usually the mask suppliers who can pass the respiratory resistance, while can not pass the oily test; The others can pass the oily test but can not pass the respiratory resistance test. Our oily filter result reaches more than 99%, and our respiratory resistance can be maintained within 100-170.

3. Our contract marked description for EN149/FFP2 standard and clearly states we bears all the responsibilities for all our export masks, since we are so confidence for our masks’ quality. We do not have any production authorization to other factories. Our daily output is all from our own factory, ensure that each our export mask will not bring trouble to our customers, and never suffer quality complaints and claims!

4. If our certificates or masks any problem, and bring any trouble and loss to our customers, we guarantee to undertake all the duty and pay all the loss money for our customers, we have confidence for our products.

5. What’s more, our company has been qualified the EUA white list. Thank you for your continued attention and support to our company growth. Looking forward to your long-term excellent business cooperation!


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