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FFP2 Cup Shape Mask

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  • Product description: FFP2 Cup Shape Mask

Detail Description
5 ply Mask Material One layer 50G 2S Non-woven Fabric 
Three layer 25G 99% Melt-Blown Fabric
One layer 30G 3S Non-woven Fabric
Non-medical masks, EN149 standard,with NB 0370 CE
Daily Output 2 Million / Day
Packing: 20pcs per box, 40 boxes per carton, 57x53x42cm/800pcs
Container Data 20GP: 170400pcs 40GP: 340800pcs 40HQ:422400pcs

Guangdong YiDao Medical Technology Co., Ltd, our main products : KN95 , FFP2 & FFP3. Why choose us?
1: KN95 MASK  We have qualified in USA EUA / WHITE LIST, we can export the KN95 to USA and do the customs clearance smoothly.
FFP2 MASK  Real Europe CE with UNIVERSAL Certificate NB2163, test report EN149:2001+A1:2009, which include intact Module B and Module C2.
FFP3 MASK → Real Europe CE with LGAI TECHNOLOGICAL CENTER, S. A./Applus Certificate NB0370,Test Report EN149:2001+A1:2009, which include intact Module B and Module C2.
2:Qualified products made by factory which is authorized to export by China's Ministry of Commerce. 
3:Special Melt blown fabric to ensure that the EU oil filtration test reached more than 99%. 
4:We do not have any production authorization to other factories. Our daily output all from our own factory, which ensure that each of our export masks will not bring any trouble to our customers, and never suffer quality complaints and claims!
5:Our big customers such as Germany Government, French CORBEN,Italy NEVIA BIOTECH , Spain SIBUCU 360 and etc. And we also have rich export experience to other Countries: Chile,Peru,Mexico,Czech Republic,Slovenia and etc.

Looking forward to your reply, thank you in advance!
Wear A Mask When You Going Out, Protect Yourself And Be Responsible For Others.
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