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What is the Main difference of Face Mask?

What is the difference between Medical Protective Masks, Medical Surgical Masks, and General Medical Masks?

Medical masks are divided into disposable medical masks (also called General Medical Masks), medical surgical masks, and medical protective masks. These three types of masks have different national standards; the shapes of disposable medical masks and surgical surgical masks are basically the same, and the shapes of medical protective masks are duckbill-shaped; they differ in performance and use places, especially in hospitals where they are strictly used specification. Sorted by performance level is medical protective masks > medical surgical masks > general medical masks.

1.Medical Protective Masks

Medical protective masks are also called medical N95 masks, which have higher filtration standards and a filtration efficiency of non-oily particles greater than 95%. It has the function of filtering bacteria and blocking the liquid spills under pressure. It is mainly used for medical personnel and related staff to contact patients with respiratory infections transmitted by air and droplets, and must wear medical protective masks when they come into contact with patients during a major epidemic.
Medical protective masks also have the function of medical surgical masks. The particle filtering efficiency is higher than that of medical surgical masks, and the most important is the anti-splash function. In view of the prevention of this new type of coronary pneumonia, there is no confirmed or suspected case, and no high-risk places are needed. Such masks are not used.

2. Medical Surgical Masks

Medical surgical masks are divided into an inner water-absorbing layer, a middle filter layer, an outer waterproof layer, an outer layer to block water, a middle layer to block air particles, and an inner layer to absorb moisture. It is mainly used for personal protection of clinical medical personnel to prevent the spread of blood, body fluids and splashes when treating patients.
For the prevention of this new type of coronavirus pneumonia, it is recommended to use medical surgical masks. It is not necessary to use medical protective masks or N95 masks. Wearing medical protective masks is also a waste. However, patients with new coronary pneumonia diagnosed or close contacts need to wear medical protective masks.

3.Disposable Medical Masks (General Medical Masks)

Disposable medical masks lack the requirements for filtering efficiency and water resistance of non-oily particles, or the filtering efficiency requirements are lower than medical surgical masks and medical protective masks, which mainly block particles, droplets and dust in the air, and are pathogenic. The protective effect of microorganisms is imprecise, and it is mainly used for one-time health care of medical personnel or family personnel.
Medical staff did not encounter special patients or worked in special places, and they used disposable ordinary medical masks when treating patients. Family personnel can wear disposable medical masks at home, driving a private car, or less than densely populated, high-risk places.


During the epidemic, reasonable choice of wearing a mask can not only save resources, but also effectively protect !


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