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Stock EN 149 ffp2 mask masque ffp2 EU ce dust mask respirator

  • KN95
  • FFP2 respirator
  • respirator
  • Product description: Stock EN 149 ffp2 mask masque ffp2 EU ce dust mask respirator
Efficient high filter capacity of airborne particles, fine dust, seasonal allergies, smoke, pollutants, traffic fumes, pollen thus keep you healthy and safe from many diseases.
Lightweight design, soft comfort foam, adjustable nose clip and elastic straps, the protective cover create a secure seal for maximum protection.
3D Ear hanging and lightweight design make your breathing easier. high quality elastic straps make it comfortable to wear for long time, suitable for home and professional use, indoor or outdoor use.
Safety mask suits for men and women of all ages with different face type, soft respirator mask suitable for woodworking, sports, exercise, city cycling, running, bicycle and motorcycle riding and travel.

This facial cover comply with GB2626-2006 standards and certified FDA and CE approval, It is healthy and safe to use.


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